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Who We Are

The Resilience Resource was founded out of a passion and vision to develop and implement resources, response, and care within collaborative community resulting in redemption and restoration as reflected in the thriving and resilient lives of those serving on the front lines of crisis response and challenging contexts, either in their country of origin or in the farthest corners of the earth.


Philip Monroe

Philip Monroe


Dr. Philip Monroe leads Langberg, Monroe & Associates and is a psychologist with three decades of clinical experience.

He is a graduate of both Westminster Seminary and Wheaton College Graduate School. After 18 years directing the Graduate School of Counseling at Missio Seminary, he continues as their Visiting Professor of Counseling teaching Global Trauma Recovery Institute (GTRI) courses.

In 2013, Dr. Monroe and Dr. Langberg launched GTRI to train counselors and humanitarians to better understand how to support trauma recovery efforts around the world. In addition, he provides ongoing direction to the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society where materials and mentoring are created to support a global community of practice numbering over 20,000 facilitators. He has trained facilitators in Europe, the Middle East, Sub-saharan Africa, and the United States.

His areas of specialty include sexual addictions, anxiety, marital distress, and trauma recovery. His personal, professional, and spiritual musings may be found at www.philipmonroe.com.

Tanya Kurylo

Tanya Kurylo

Crisis Care & Adoption Support Specialist, Ukrainian Translator

Tanya is deeply committed to applying various tools and resources in providing effective and compassionate care for individuals, families, and communities in crisis. She has more than 20 years of experience working with orphans and has worked for the past 7 years specifically with US families who have adopted children from international locations. Tanya has provided coaching and counseling support, coordinated and facilitated children’s camps and groups for moms, and created and published a processing journal with guided prompts to provide a safe space for children to communicate their feelings and experiences. Her personal and professional experiences continue to affirm the necessity of support for both parents and children who have gone through crisis and trauma.

Growing up in Ukraine, now living full time in the United States, Tanya has unique insight into the cross-cultural challenges that those living displaced from their homeland face. Having worked with orphans since she was 16 years old, as well as more recently with Ukrainians displaced due to the war, her heart is to help each one find their identity and understand that the trauma that they have can be healed with help of others.

Tanya is passionate about coming alongside her fellow Ukrainians to provide help and support in healing from the trauma they have experienced in the past and are experiencing now and equip individuals and communities with resilience building tools and professional help so they can move forward into a brighter future.

Wes Scheu

Wes Scheu

Pastor, Chaplain, Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Wes Scheu has a passion for people’s wholeness and joy. He knows that thriving communities and organizations are made up of people who are happy, healthy, and high impact. Investing in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive health of individuals helps maintain the momentum, mission and purpose of organizations and teams. 

With over 18 years of experience in pastoral counseling and chaplaincy settings, Wes loves meeting people where they are, creating, and holding space for their growth, resiliency, healing, and wholeness.

Wes is an ordained pastor in Denver, CO where he lives with his wife and three children. He loves spending time with others in the mountains, hiking, backpacking, camping, and experiencing God in the outdoors. One of his favorite things to do is hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim. He’s an avid fantasy novel fan, enjoys singing and playing the guitar, and loves supporting his Denver Broncos.

Wes holds an M.Div in Chaplaincy, holds certificates in Group and Individual CISM, Operational Stress Management, Managing School Crisis, Enhancing Resilience, Suicide Awareness, and is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. He is also a certified personal trainer, fitness teacher, and outdoor guide.

Gary Meadows

Gary Meadows

Board Member, Pastor, Firefighter (Retired), Fire/Law Enforcement Chaplain

Gary Meadows serves full time as chaplain to the local police & fire departments, after recently retiring from the pastorate after 22 years.

He is a 22-year veteran of Colorado’s Volunteer Fire Service, retiring in 2020, and served six years as an Aviation Electronic Technician in the United States Navy receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1979. He is an Advisory Board Member with Ranch of Hope Counseling, Westcliffe, Colorado, VP/Treasurer with the Colorado Fire Chaplains Association, and an ordained minister (1998) with the Assemblies of God. His abilities lie in the areas of crisis response/intervention and pastoral care/counseling. He serves as a go-to resource for his county’s critical incident response needs.

His most life giving experience so far in his 65 years has been interacting with individuals and groups as a challenge course instructor/trainer, being an emergency responder to his community, and helping people sidestep many of life’s trials and hardships as avoidable and unnecessary. All of these are eclipsed by being grandfather to 5 grandsons!

His life is summarized with the answer to this question: “An old man was asked, ‘What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to live your life over.’ The man answered, ‘If I had the opportunity to live my life over, I would live it in such a way that it would change the lives of people. Because, you know, until you’ve changed the lives of people, you’ve really changed nothing at all.’”

Harry Mathis

Harry Mathis

Board Member, Chaplain, Colonel-Retired (US Air Force)

Harry, a retired Air Force Chaplain and semi-retired Anglican Priest, has been married to Sherry Mathis for 42 years, is the father of five grown children, and grandfather to six grandchildren, ages 9 to 3. He served in the Air Force for 30 years, 25 as a chaplain with assignments in Asia, Europe, and the US, and including a combat deployment in Iraq, and a humanitarian deployment to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.                                

Harry and Sherry have received extensive training in working with wounded, ill, and injured people using a model of listening, loving and praying. Harry is active in Celebrate Recovery, as he works on finding God’s healing for his own hurts, hang-ups, and habits, as well as helping others to do the same. He and Sherry lead a ministry for their church with those in bereavement. Harry loves Jesus unapologetically, and this seems to inform pretty much everything he is interested in.

Graham Aitken

Graham Aitken

Board Member, Pastor, Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Response Care

Graham and his wife, Lizzy, have been part of the humanitarian aid world since 2013. Prior to this, Graham worked in higher education, overseeing a Global Service Learning division for Trinity College in Chicago while he pursued a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies. As part of this role, Graham was responsible for developing campus-wide debriefing models for college and graduate students returning from the field.
In their work with an international humanitarian aid organization, Graham and Lizzy served in various roles in both Congo (DRC) and Myanmar.  Upon their return to the US, both Graham and Lizzy continued their care and support work with humanitarian aid and missions personnel. In 2017, Graham transitioned into a pastoral role at theHeart, a church in North Carolina.

Graham is passionate about the global effort to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty and believes Christ-followers can lead the way in demonstrating how to engage this difficult work in a healthy way.

Graham grew up in Scotland but claims Chicagoland as a second home which unfortunately saddles him with the painful burden of being a Bears fan. He is working hard to pass on a love of all things Scottish to his two children, Jack and Sophia. And yes, he’s heard all the kilt jokes already….

Stacey Conard

Stacey Conard

Board Member, MA, CIC-Csp, BCC

Stacey holds a graduate degree in Pastoral Counseling and is a certified Crisis Intervention Specialist, as well as a nationally board-certified life coach. She brings over 20 years of experience in the non-profit and humanitarian aid communities to her work in trauma and crisis response.

Stacey provides pastoral care, crisis coaching, and equipping to cross cultural workers, emergency responders, and local communities around the world. She specializes in trauma-informed care and resilience-building for churches, teams, and organizations.

Stacey and her family lived for 8 years in sub-Saharan Africa and in the US military community for 11. Currently she serves as a global consultant to non-profit organizations. She is also a Master Facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute.

In her community, Stacey works with local emergency medical services as a nationally certified EMT and a “Stop the Bleed” instructor.

Scott Gwin

Scott Gwin

Founder, COO

Scott Gwin, COO and co-founder of The Resilience Resource, is a Mental Health Coach through the American Association for Christian Counselors, a Spiritual and Psychological First Aid Instructor, certified Chaplain through the International Conference of Police Chaplains, is credentialed in Grief following Trauma, Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters, Advanced Critical Incident Care for Individuals and Groups, and carries a graduate degree in transformational leadership development from Bethel Seminary.

As volunteer youth staff at a local church, Scott unknowingly stepped into a chaplaincy career when his youth group went through the tragic shooting at Columbine High School. Shouldering with survivors as they grieved and struggled developed into a passion to walk with people through tragedy and loss.

Prior to co-founding The Resilience Resource, Scott spent 25 years in the commercial and residential construction industry, served as a firefighter for 12 years, has 12 years of experience in the equine therapy world, and currently serves as a first responder, law enforcement, and humanitarian aid chaplain. He has been involved in cross cultural contexts and ministry for over 21 years, spanning eleven countries on four continents.

 Josie Gwin

Josie Gwin

Founder, CEO

Josie Gwin, CEO and co-founder of The Resilience Resource, is a Mental Health Coach through the American Association for Christian Counselors, a Spiritual and Psychological First Aid Instructor, certified Chaplain through the International Conference of Police Chaplains, is credentialed in Grief following Trauma, Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters, Advanced Critical Incident Care for Individuals and Groups, and carries a graduate degree in transformational leadership development from Bethel Seminary.

Prior to co-founding The Resilience Resource, Josie Gwin served as a firefighter for 6 years, spent 18 years in the equine therapeutic industry, and currently serves as a first responder, law enforcement, and humanitarian aid chaplain. She has been involved in cross-cultural and international contexts and ministry for over 35 years, deploying as a crisis response chaplain, and living and serving in ministry and humanitarian aid contexts in multiple countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Josie, along with her husband, Scott, has trained, resourced, and provided care for personnel, leaders, and teams from a variety of faith based and secular organizations, as well as firefighters and law enforcement, first responder chaplains, medical personnel and hospital chaplains, and military and special forces personnel from all four branches of the US military.

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