The Internet

Let’s be honest, this is the first place everyone goes now when tasked with any kind of research, and it can be a wealth of information. The trouble is wading through it all to sind what might be really helpful. 

When using the internet for information, consider the following factors. 

The Source
  •  Is it reputable? Does the source have a history of disseminating accurate information?
  • What is the bias of the source? Every source of information has biases and agendas behind it. These agendas dictate what information is shared and what is withheld. Identifying the bias can help you know what perspective the information is coming from. 
The Date:
  • Be sure that the information you are getting is up to date. Situations change. Cultures change. Outdated information, even if from a reputable source, can lead caregivers to inaccurate assumptions and expectations. 

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