Religious and Traditional Practices and Beliefs

Many caregivers have done damage to their own reputation and those they care for in a community by accidentally sidestepping or not recognizing the importance of traditional practices in the community. 

Often, religious practices and beliefs will carry a blend of traditional aspects with the current practice. An example is Christian communities in some West African contexts that profess evangelical or Pentecostal Christianity but maintain aspects of the traditional antisemitic practices that preceded colonialism. This is called syncretism (A.S. Moreau. 2017. “Syncretism” in The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Daniel Trier & Walter Elwell, eds. Baker Academic. Grand Rapids, MI. p. 850), and every culture does it to some extent as views change. It is important for caregivers to understand what is still important to those they serve. Traditional practices are deeply embedded in the identity of those that are a part of a culture. 

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