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As a veteran who has experienced first hand the effects of Combat Operational Stress and other forms of trauma and post traumatic stress, I can personally vouch for the value and effectiveness of The Resilience Resource training.

Their crisis care concepts are clear, direct, actionable and accessible, both in building resilience as a preparation, and in aiding recovery for those in post trauma.

I cannot overstate the value of what they bring to the table.

Harry Mathis

Chaplain, Colonel-Retired, US Air Force

As an international disaster response nurse for over 10 years, I never realized how much unresolved trauma and pain I was carrying with me from seeing years of suffering, death and heartache throughout the world.

Taking The Resilience Resource’s Spiritual and Psychological First Aid course provided a safe place for me to bring unresolved memories and pain to the surface and gave me the skills I needed to make sense of them.  This course gave me the tools I needed to address the suffering that I have seen, especially from my time on the front lines in a trauma hospital in Iraq caring for ISIS soldiers. I am now using what I have learned to help others facing difficult times. Having processed my own pain definitely makes me a more compassionate and effective disaster response nurse.

Kelly Sites

RN, Disaster Assistance Response Team

Both Josie and Scott’s lengthy first responder history as firefighters and as chaplains with police & fire departments has equipped them with unique and invaluable insight into the stress and pressures we experience on medical disaster response deployments.

Additionally, their experience has definitely given them a firm grounding in emotional, mental, physical,and spiritual resiliency training and equipping.

Lynnette McBride

Emergency Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant, Disaster Assistance Response Team

As an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps with 24 years of service, I’ve deployed overseas seven times, including four combat deployments in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, and one at sea.

Last year, I was graciously invited by an NGO (non-government organization) to a debriefing weekend that was organized and administered by Scott and Josie Gwin and others on The Resilience Resource Team. This weekend was specifically geared towards NGO personnel – of which my wife is one – who have served around the world in stressful situations ranging from disaster relief to providing emergency medical services in combat zones where none exist.

I thought it was going to be just a fun and relaxing retreat to honor and say thanks to these individuals for their selfless willingness to step forward to serve others in challenging circumstances.
It was not that.
It turned out to be SO much more than that.
It was not fun – but it was challenging, fulfilling, rewarding, and healing. 
The focus throughout the retreat was equipping these NGO personnel, and their spouses, with spiritual, mental, and emotional tools to identify and address their experiences — past and future — and any post-traumatic stress that can come with it.  To truly do that requires one to be very honest with their feelings — their doubts, fears, sadness, and regrets. And to evoke willing vulnerability from people requires from the leaders presenting the information an extreme level of authenticity (to build trust) and credibility (to relate). 
This team did just that better than any group I have seen, both through the structure and sequence of events coordinated throughout the weekend, and through their own authenticity and credibility.

The Resilience Resource Team has developed a truly enriching event.

J. McBride

Lt Col. , USMC

I have been an Emergency Room nurse for 25 years.  It is fairly safe to say that I experience crisis  on a daily basis, at least every day I am on the job.  In addition to this work, multiple times a year, I serve with the medical response teams of an international disaster response organization. It seems I have become an expert at putting myself in the middle of crisis situations.
I have known Scott and Josie for years. They have given me tools to prepare in advance, survive and thrive in the going through, and heal in the aftermath of just about any type of trauma or trial I have faced or may encounter in the future.
Scott and Josie are real people, with real lives, who have dealt with real crisis situations, and in so doing, have gained great insight into the human experience of stress and crisis.  They genuinely love people and it is their true desire to help others learn to prosper before, during and after crisis.

Whether it be to an individual or group, I can sincerely recommend them to anyone who is seeking a better way to deal with the “disasters” that come along with this experience we call life.

Regina Randolph

ER RN, Disaster Assistance Response Team

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