Suicide: Unique Aspects to Care


Suicide can happen anytime, in any culture, and under various circumstances. When it occurs, many people find themselves trying to care for those closest to the situation. In addition, the effort it takes to care for and the toll it extracts often surprise even experienced caregivers. This course gives details into how to recognize suicidal ideation, what caregivers (whether as a part of their work or those that find themselves in the role) can do to prevent suicide in a person who is having suicidal thoughts, how to care for those left behind when suicide happens, and what you can do if you are having thoughts of harming yourself.

This course is not meant to replace professional mental health support.


This course is meant to aid caregivers in helping those involved in situations of suicide and suicidal ideation.
Participants will:
1)   Recognize the unique aspects of caring for suicidal situations
2)   Identify the warning signs of suicidal ideation and employ risk assessment strategies
3)   Use their risk assessment to identify possible protection and prevention interventions
4)   Discover the unique challenges those left behind by suicide face and how to care for this particular group effectively
5)   Determine the significant importance of self-care when involved in caring for suicidal situations and receive ideas for expanding their self-care toolbox
If you or a loved one is experiencing thoughts of suicide, don't hesitate to reach out for help.
United States National Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 988


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