My Way to Adoption


My Way to Adoption” is a comprehensive journal for families considering the adoption of a child from Ukraine. With 20 years of background experience working with Ukrainian orphans and their families, this journal is designed to help families make a conscious decision about adoption and confidently navigate the journey. The journal includes stories and insights from families who have already begun the adoption process and thought-provoking questions to help families be honest with themselves and understand the process. It serves as a guide to help you through the adoption journey and make it more manageable.


"Are you considering adopting a child from Ukraine? The process can be overwhelming, but with "My Way to Adoption," you'll have the guidance and support you need to make the best decision for your family.

This journal was designed after almost 20 years of working with orphans and their families. It was created to help you make a conscious decision about adoption. It's filled with stories from families who have already begun the journey and questions that will help you be honest with yourself.

As the author, I promise this journal will help you in the future. Even if you change your decision after asking questions that we normally wouldn't ask. This tool will provide you with something to stand on during the struggles you encounter on this journey.

Order your copy of "My Way to Adoption" today and start your journey confidently, knowing that God will lead you and your family in the way He wants.


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