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These articles cover a wide range of aspects related to suicide, including understanding the signs, coping strategies for those affected, and ways to offer meaningful support. We hope to foster a community of awareness and empowerment, where every reader can find valuable information and resources to navigate this challenging subject. Remember, you’re not alone, and help is always available.

Crisis and Trauma Care

Crisis and trauma care research focuses on understanding and addressing the needs of individuals affected by trauma or crisis. This includes emergency response, interventions, and treatments for conditions like PTSD, as well as disaster response and recovery. The goal is to improve our ability to prevent and manage crises and support individuals and communities in their recovery.


Resilience is one of our core topics of discussion through our training and research. If you are intrigued by our conversation about resilience, look here for more information, scholarly articles, research papers, and the newest research on resilient behavior.

Children in Crisis

Children have incredibly unique reactions to traumatic events. This category will have a central focus on children in crisis, how they respond to traumatic events, and what adults can do to make their journey easier.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a vast and diverse field of research that delves into the intricacies of workplace dynamics, including the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the way individuals work together in a company or institution. This category of research articles provides valuable insights into a wide range of topics that impact organizational culture, including leadership styles, communication strategies, teamwork dynamics, and employee engagement.

Spiritual Formation

It has been proven through research that spirituality has a large role in the resilience of individuals and communities. In this section, you will find research articles that focus on the impact of spirituality on the resilience and wholeness of individuals and communities.

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