Do you care for or support children in any way in any role?
Don’t miss this free webinar collaboratively hosted by The Resilience Resource team members and childhood trauma experts from Mercy Ministries! This hour-long session (held twice to accommodate different global time zones) will explore questions surrounding helping traumatized children and providing trauma-informed care for those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences.
There is no denying that children are facing a significant increase in potentially traumatizing crisis events and experiences. The need for parents, caregivers, and friends to be equipped with robust toolboxes for providing holistic crisis care is greater than ever before. 
You will hear practical guidance and real-world scenarios and have an opportunity to submit specific questions for discussion. This webinar will be an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to provide compassionate and effective resilience-building support for children in times when they need it most.

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We specialize in working with families and organizations who care for children and youth from hard places, especially those experiencing complex or early childhood trauma.

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 Our Online Helping Children in Crisis course will expand on the information provided in this webinar. This course provides vital information on effective communication with kids, coping mechanisms, and general resilience-building tools. This course is available in our shop or through the link below.