Leadership Communication in Crisis Course Registration 

It is not a matter of IF a crisis will happen, but WHEN.

Are you ready? Is your team prepared?
Do you have a pre and post crisis care plan?
Do you know what your communication with fellow team members, organizational leadership, families (both on-field and extended), and media will be?

If not, NOW is the time to assess, develop, and plan what your communication will be and to whom. When crisis comes, it will already too late. As a leader, all eyes will turn to you for guidance and direction, and the path forward will rely on clear communication and support for staff or personnel and their families.

In this e-course, principles of crisis communication are interwoven with real world examples and scenarios that will equip you, as a leader, to succeed in caring well for your people in times of crisis.


  • hear about foundational speaking, learning, and processing principles

  • identify how these principles are affected by crisis and trauma

  • analyze what to say and how to say it so individuals and teams are equipped, feel cared for, and emerge from a crisis with greater resilience.

  • Analyze what to say and how to say it with empathy and clarity for effective team support and comprehension.

  • Identify strategies on how and what to communicate post crisis to provide closure and care.

  • Articulate foundational speaking, listening, processing principles and how these are affected by crisis.

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