Hurricane Ian Response

The Resilience Resource team is in Florida responding in Sarasota & Charlotte county doing wellness checks and needs assessments
Our team is mobilizing resources and volunteers for acute needs, including water, fuel, hazardous debris removal, and living conditions exposed to the elements.
Will you financially partner with us to bring hope and healing in these desperate times?

The Resilience Resource Team is:

*Providing wellness checks and needs assessments for the hardest hit communities in Englewood, Port Charlotte, Placida, Rotunda, Cape Haze, and Grove City. 

*Distributing drinking water, fuel, dried goods and food, and tarps.

*Providing removal of debris causing risk to health and safety. 

*Providing access to an ever growing repository of area support resources.

*Collaborating with a coalition of teams and organizations to maximize impact and effectiveness. 

Do you or your team have tools to thrive with resilience in crisis?

Courses & WorkshopsResilience Assessment Tool

Do Your People Feel Well cared For?

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The Resilience Resource Team

Are you ready to see what resilient people can accomplish?

More than ever, in this season of unprecedented challenge and change,  peers, colleagues, and leaders need to understand how to care for and support themselves and those around them through crisis and beyond into greater resilience. Thriving people are effective people!

The Resilience Resource team supports and resources individuals and organizations around the world as each assesses and develops best practices and policies for personnel care.

    Our Specialties:

    Organization Staff Care Consulting

    Process & Policy Assessments

    Trainings & Workshops

    Critical Incident Debriefings

    Crisis Response Care

    Leadership & Team Development

    Individual & Peer Team Coaching

    Leadership Transition Support

    Vetted Partnership Referrals

    Individual Consultation & Debriefing

    Customized Group Debriefing Events


    Do you know the secret to responding to crisis and returning well?

    We do! The secret is support, resourcing, and care: Through pre-deployment preparation, on deployment care, and post deployment debriefs.

    The Resilience Resource team provides pre-deployment training, chaplaincy crisis response, personnel care, critical incident and post-deployment debriefings, online resources, and ongoing support for those serving in, and returning from, complex humanitarian crisis such as political or natural disasters, war, and conflict zones. 

    Need crisis response care for you or your team?

    Our team is on call and ready to respond!

    The Resilience Resource Team Collaboration

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