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Spiritual & Psychological First Aid Overview

Do you or your teams need practical and effective “care for people in crisis” tools immediately? If so, you can’t afford to miss this course!

This overview of spiritual and psychological first aid principles provides tangible and immediately implementable tools for providing care for yourself, your team, or others in the aftermath of crisis or critical events.
These resources are also highly effective for developing peer support for individuals or teams working in high risk environments.
Working in a “high risk environment” is defined as work that carries a significantly higher risk of physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological injury, or even death. Work environments in this category include disaster response, emergency and law enforcement response, service in the military, local and international missions or non-profit work, service in the emergency medical field, etc.

This course will equip you and your teams to thrive with resilience in highly challenging and rapidly changing contexts and environments AND provide holistic and impactful support to people in crisis.

Participants will:
1. Assess personal spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health so as to be ready to care for others.
2. Receive tools and resources to assist in avoiding compassion fatigue and burnout
3. Define and assess tools for listening and providing ministry of presence as the foundation for care.
4. Articulate what to say and what to avoid saying in moments of crisis.
5. Analyze and implement the process of spiritual and psychological first aid:
*Prepare- Information and resources
*Assess – Self, the circumstance, environment, and individual
*Assist – In ways that meet the needs identified through assessment.
*Enlist – Identifying and tapping into resources of other individuals and organizations to round out a care plan.
7. Analyze and discuss ethical practices of sharing faith in crisis

Recommended reading and a printable Spiritual & Psychological First Aid workbook will be provided during the course.

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