Who We Help




There is a growing recognition of the need for organizations to take responsibility to care for their personnel.

The Resilience Resource offers consulting and training designed to help with the set up and maintenance of healthy staff care practices.


Effective care for people comes best from the top down.
A good leader can exponentially increase the resilience of their team, while poor leaders will always undermine and drag down inherently resilient people.

Are you a leader?
The Resilience Resource team will work together with you to develop your own resilience and leadership skills, invest in peer support and resilience within your team, learn how to compassionately respond to crisis, and understand how to implement practical interpersonal conflict resolution.


There is a necessary tension in the need to develop your own ability to carry your burdens and the compassionate responsibility to come alongside others and assist them in carrying theirs.

The Resilience Resource provides essential and practical tools for the development of constructive care for one’s self and others.

Those in Crisis:

It is in crisis that even the most resilient people can crumble. The unique stressors of critical incidents often require unique expertise to lend a hand.

The Resilience Resource maintains a crisis response team that can help individuals and organizations through traumatic events and provide referrals for ongoing care after the conclusion of the event.

The Resilience Resource recognizes the factor of spiritual care as a foundational piece of overall resilience. Many of the resources shared here, while not overtly religious, will have foundational principles drawn from spiritual formation practices and disciplines.