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The world is not getting safer, calmer, or more stable. Just the opposite. There are incremental increases in all kinds of emergencies, disasters, and catastrophes.

Are you interested in becoming more resilient?

The Resilience Resources Team offers personalized coaching that can help you prepare for the next crisis.

Those in Crisis:

Crises are, by definition, circumstances that overwhelm what people rely upon to handle stress. The extensive collaborative experience of The Resilience Resource Team can help expand the toolbox of coping strategies for people in the midst of difficult situations.

Whether it is a crisis of a personal nature like the loss of a family member, or the destruction of a home, or a broader reaching natural like earthquakes and hurricanes, or man-caused disasters like acts of violence or war, The Resilience Resource can help anyone find what works to increase their resilience.

The Resilience Resource maintains a crisis response team that can help individuals and organizations through traumatic events and provide referrals for ongoing care after the conclusion of the event.

People in active crisis are never charged for the services The Resilience Resource provides. If you would like to be a part of providing these resources to those who need them most, click the donate button at the top of the page.


Leaders are the creators and implementors of caring environments for their teams. If you are looking for ways to lead that care for your team in ways that value each one, The Resilience Resource can help.

Leadership coaching is available that includes methods for assessing your team’s resilience and ideas of how to bring teams together to support each member’s personal resilience.

Team retreats and training are another way to leverage The Resilience Resource Team’s experience to build community and continuity within your team.


Organizations are the systems that employ people to do work. These systems, with their policies and procedures, create a culture that determines whether people have the opportunity to thrive or are pushed toward burnout.

The Resilience Resource Team offers consultation services to organizations on how to write policies and procedures that emphasize the value and care for their personnel. Whether you are considering employee benefits packages, setting up procedures for sexual assault reporting, or want to train employees to care for one another, The Resilience Resource has the real-world experience to help increase longevity and elevate any organization’s resilience to crisis.

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