Compassionate Care in Crisis Training

2.5 day training equipping you to assess and identify signs and symptoms of trauma, apply culturally contextual tools for survivor centered crisis care, and assess the unique nuances of crisis care.

Helping Children in Crisis Online Course

Empower yourself to support children in crisis. Gain vital skills in identifying distress, effective communication, resilience-building, and promoting positive coping. Join our invaluable online course today!

Suicide: Unique Aspects to Care

In honor of National Suicide Awareness Month, we have launched a new course! This course focuses on what suicidal ideation can look like and how to care for those struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

Caring for Traumatized Kids Webinar Series

Come view our 2-part webinar series collaboration with Mercy Ministries where we discuss helping traumatized children and providing trauma-informed care for those who have had adverse childhood experiences.

Do you or your team have tools to thrive with resilience in crisis?

Courses & WorkshopsResilience Assessment Tool

Do Your People Feel Well cared For?

Find out how we can equip you to develop your own effective & Integrated Staff Care Process!

The Resilience Resource Team

Are you ready to see what resilient people can accomplish?

More than ever, in this season of unprecedented challenge and change,  peers, colleagues, and leaders need to understand how to care for and support themselves and those around them through crisis and beyond into greater resilience. Thriving people are effective people!

The Resilience Resource team supports and resources individuals and organizations around the world as each assesses and develops best practices and policies for personnel care.

    Our Specialties:

    Organization Staff Care Consulting

    Process & Policy Assessments

    Trainings & Workshops

    Critical Incident Debriefings

    Crisis Response Care

    Leadership & Team Development

    Individual & Peer Team Coaching

    Leadership Transition Support

    Vetted Partnership Referrals

    Individual Consultation & Debriefing

    Customized Group Debriefing Events


    Do you know the secret to responding to crisis and returning well?

    We do! The secret is support, resourcing, and care: Through pre-deployment preparation, on deployment care, and post deployment debriefs.

    The Resilience Resource team provides pre-deployment training, chaplaincy crisis response, personnel care, critical incident and post-deployment debriefings, online resources, and ongoing support for those serving in, and returning from, complex humanitarian crisis such as political or natural disasters, war, and conflict zones. 

    Need crisis response care for you or your team?

    Our team is on call and ready to respond!

    The Resilience Resource Team Collaboration

    Recent Resources:

    Helping Children in Crisis

    Helping Children in Crisis

    “Mass Casualty Incident- youth group bus turned over on high mountain pass. Report of multiple injuries. Approximately 20 minors and 4 adults on board. State patrol, medical, fire, and mutual aid en-route.”   Arriving on the scene, Scott was...

    read more
    Moral Injury

    Moral Injury

    Moral Injury is a term that is starting to be more commonly used in relation to a collection of behavioral responses to traumatic events. The term developed from research studies conducted with military personnel who had witnessed, or been involved...

    read more

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